I've been busy working, camping and birding since class let out for the summer so I haven't had much time to post news. But now I've finaly got the Floria Trip Report posted as well as Sequoia National Park Trip Report and Yosemite National Park Trip Report for you all to review. Three lifers in the past two weeks: Dusky Flycatcher, Calliope Hummingbird and Blue Grouse. Can you tell I've been to the Sierras?

As far as news goes, one interesting thing happened locally, however. As I was driving along Alma to work one morning this week I happened to look up and see a Cooper's Hawk that was being chased by a male Brewer's Blackbird. I knew Blackbirds were pretty fearless and territorial, but this just seemed like poor judgement. The only justification I can think of for such reckless behavior is that the Blackbird must have thought that by staying just a few inches behind the Hawk, he would be safe from retaliation... but it still seems risky.


Before watching the evening fireworks at Shoreline Park, we went for a mountain bike ride at Coyote Hills Regional Park. Without putting any effort into finding birds (but I did happen to have my binoculars) we encountered a Grasshopper Sparrow at the top of the highest grassy slope. The bird was singing clearly and infact that was the only reason I was able to detect it. Lower down in the salt pond areas, as many as 7 Snowy Plovers were foraging in the dried mud area near the levey trail. They were quite vocal and again, would have escaped notice if it weren't for their calls.