Along the Stevens Creek Trail I found a few migrants. Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Orange-crowned Warbler and two juvenile Hooded Orioles. There was also Green Heron in the area, occasionally flushing from the banks. Despite an effort, I could not reclocate the previously reported Northern Waterthrush. But if it behave anything like last year's bird, it might remain in the area throughout winter.


The Solitary Sandpiper was still present at Vasona Park this morning at about 8:30 near the pedestrian bridge leading over the creek. The bird moved from the tangled branches of fallen trees on the shaded "island", as well as foraged on the gravel banks. It also perched on the small floating log providing good unobstructed views. As also reported there was a Spotted Sandpiper , at least two immature Green Herons, Hairy Woodpecker and many Warblers. Primarily Yellow Warblers feeding in the eucalyptus branches, but also a Black-throated Gray Warbler first spotted by a member of Freddie Howell's group.