Two female and one male Tufted Ducks were at Salt Pond A10 in Alviso today. As well, in the nearby Salt Pond A14, there was yet another drake Eurasian Wigeon. Maps to these locations are difficult to come by, but I recommend the following site for assistance: http://www.stanford.edu/~kendric/birds/

The "Eurasian" Green-winged Teal remains in the Palo Alto Bayland area, at the junction of the lagoon trail and the Palo Alto Airport Runway. This bird is almost identical to our usual GWTE, but has a lengthwise white stripe on the back that parallels the surface of the water, as opposed to the smaller, vertical, thumb-shaped white mark on the breast we usually see. Facial patterning seems to be more bold on this rare bird as well.

Just south of Halfmoon Bay, at the end of Wavecrest Avenue, on a north/south trail beyond the model airplain run, there remains a female Chestnut-collared Longspur.

White-throated Sparrows seem to popping up all over the place. Keep watching those flocks of white-crowns and golden-crowns for this uncommon sparrow! While you're at it, look for the occasional "Slate-colored" race of Dark-eyed Junco too.


It's been a while since I posted any news items. I've been coordinating the Region 7 portion of the 1999 Palo Alto Christmas Bird Count (PACBC). The date for the count is December 20, and the survey area includes much of Skyline Boulevard and the nearby Windy Hill, Russian Ridge, Coal Creek and La Honda Creek Open Space Preserves. If you would like to assist in the count, please contact me immediately at mdodder@earthlink.net or call me at 650-858-0847.

Despite my recent silence, there is no shortage of good birds to be seen in our area. Short-eared Owls continue to be seen at Byxby Park in Palo Alto and there are at least two, perhaps three wintering Red-throated Loons as well as a pair of Barrow's Goldeneyes at Shoreline Lake.

It's also time to consider joining us for the winter session of the BEGINNING BIRDING class at Palo Alto Adult School. As before, the goal is to familiarize class members with the basic skills necessary to become an active birdwatcher. For more information, please refer to the course description on my home page, or visit the school's site at: www.paadultschool.org/